10 Ways To Look Better In Photos

5. Relax

An unnatural smile is the easiest way to ruin a picture, making you look stiff and weird. If you have trouble with this, here’s a simple trick: Put your tongue behind your upper teeth and smile. Think happy thoughts and don’t forget to breathe!

How to look good in photographs!

6. Wear The Right Makeup

Because a camera is 2 dimensional, your makeup will look different on camera. Here is the essential list of makeup to wear for photos:

  • Wear matte makeup; nothing that shines or shimmers. To lessen the shine even more, dab your t-zone with a tissue or facial blotting paper to eliminate shine, and dust a little powder on that nose! Even men on camera have makeup applied to help with reflection.
  • Wear your makeup slightly darker than normal; especially around the eyes. A black liner and mascara helps make those eyes pop!
  • Wear your lipstick a few shades darker than your skin. A little gloss is ok, too. Without any color, your lips tend to blend right into your face on camera.
  • Fake lashes — They may not be something you would normally wear, but they can completely transform your eyes in photos.
  • Don’t be afraid to apply your blush and bronzer a little heavier than normal. It will accentuate those cheek bones and give you a healthy glow.
  • Concealer and foundation is also important for a flawless look. Apply it generously; it won’t show up on camera, but it will help even out your skin.

The best makeup tips for photos.

7. Add Extra Height & Body To Your Hair

Besides wearing a style that flatters your face, add a little bit of extra height to your crown, and volume to those locks. Hair tends to look duller and flatter in pictures, especially at the crown area. This will also help make your face appear more delicate.

Tips & tricks on how to look your best in photographs.

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