10 Ways To Look Better In Photos

7. Add Extra Height & Body To Your Hair

Besides wearing a style that flatters your face, add a little bit of extra height to your crown, and volume to those locks. Hair tends to look duller and flatter in pictures, especially at the crown area. This will also help make your face appear more delicate.

Tips & tricks on how to look your best in photographs.

8. Wear Camera Flattering Clothes

Although a lot of people like to hide under baggy clothes, they can actually make you look bigger, particularly in photos. Choose slim fitting clothes in dark shades. If you have an area that you don’t want to be showcased; ruffles, sheer layers, and draping work wonders in distracting the eye from those lumps and bumps.

How to look good in photos! Lots of tips.

9. Choose The Right Time Of Day

For outdoor photos, when the sun is overhead it tends to cast shadows in unflattering places; emphasizing lines on the face and bags under the eyes. The best time of day to be photographed is around dawn, when the sun is low in the sky. And, don’t forget to face towards the light!

The best time of day to take pictures

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