13 Creative Ideas for Wrapping Gifts

One thing is certain for all of us at Listotic, wrapping presents seems like a rushed experience with a lack of creativity.

There is so much work that goes into finding the perfect gift for someone.  So, when it comes to wrapping, we just want to get it done!

In true Christmas spirit, we spent a day this week looking for inspiration and wrapping a few presents we have for Christmas coming up. And, Christmas music was playing in the background.

With these ideas at hand, the actual work of wrapping turned into a whole lot of fun!  We included the inspiration behind our choices for wrapping and included any tips or tricks we learned along the way as we wrapped our own gifts.  If you try some and have ideas to improve, send them our way!

13 Creative Ideas to Gift Wrap


1. Create a rustic gift topper with wood, burlap, twine and greenery.

Rustic burlap, garland, twine wrapping.

Katie’s Inspiration

I found inspriation in the Kraft paper, burlap and greenery viewed on Craft Berry Bush and the wooden gift tags found at A Pretty Happy Home.


Katie’s Wrapping Project

Materials Needed:

Kraft Paper


Burlap Ribbon

Green Garland Ribbon

Wooden Gift Tags

White or Silver Sharpie Marker

Silver Beads (optional)

Burlap ribbon, green garland ribbon and twine.

Starting with Kraft paper, adding a bit of burlap and twine to add a bow.  These silver beads were left over from my wedding…a few years ago.  They have a cross on them, so it seemed festive for Christmas too.

Kraft paper for wrapping the gift plus burlap and twine.


Stained gift tags add such a cute touch with the simplicity of the brown packaging and green wreath.  See in the pictures below, how simple it is to stain a wooden gift tag. You just need stain, I used Minwax Special Walnut, rubber gloves and a rag.

TIP:  Make sure you wear rubber gloves and work in a well ventilated area.  AND, make sure you lay out your rag to dry before discarding it.  If you wad it up and throw it away, you run the risk of starting a fire.  Stain is a combustible product.  It really isn’t as scary as I am making it sound, just get in the habit of drying your rags.

It's so easy to stain gift tags.


Katie’s Final Package

Isn’t this the fanciest wrapping paper you’ve ever seen for a pack of Uno cards?  🙂

Rustic burlap, garland, twine wrapping.

2. Christmas Tree Wrapping

Beautiful handmade Christmas Tree wrapping.

Katie’s Inspiration

My inspiration came from A Dab Of Glue Will Do. I used the idea of decorating around a Christmas tree to create the perception of a 3-D tree.


Katie’s Wrapping Project

Materials Needed:

Kraft Paper

Card Stock (1 sheet)

Paint (white and gold)


Gold Ribbon

Christmas tree template for easy painted wrapping paper.

Tie ribbon for finishing touches on package

Handmade gold and white Christmas tree wrapping.


Step 1: Print your favorite Christmas tree image on the card stock.

Step 2:  Cut out the image.

Step 3: Wrap the present in kraft paper

Step 4: Place the tree on the present.  You will use this template to paint around the outside of the tree.

Step 5: Dab paint on the eraser end of your pencil and apply it to your package (outside the tree)

Step 6: Remove the tree, and let dry.

Step 7: Tie it all together with a fancy bow.

Here is a great video to help you tie the perfect bow for your package.


Katie’s Final Package

Beautiful handmade Christmas Tree wrapping.

This happens to be a box of classic Legos.  If you are a boy Mom, Legos are always a hit!


3. Elegant Christmas wrapping with sheets of music.

Andrea’s Inspiration

My inspiration came from one of the many inspiring images at MissMustardSeed.com


Andrea’s Wrapping Project

Materials Needed:

Sheet Music

Pine cone


Burlap Ribbon


My kids broke my 90’s Yamaha Portable keyboard (raise your hand if you had one of these!) Gone are the days of pretending to jam-out to “HEY JUDE” and “YESTERDAY” jingles.  I was left with the sheet music that came with it. Like any crafter (or mild hoarder) would do…I kept it; just certain it would come in handy someday. Since I never actually learned to play the keyboard or cultivate any sort of music talent whatsoever….why not cut it up and use it for creative wrapping paper! (Of course after a firm lecture to my kids about being more respectful to their toys.)




If you don’t have retro 1990 portable keyboard music sheets like me, Carrie at Lovely Etc… can hook you up with free Christmas carol printables. Or, head to your local Salvation Army, thrift shop, garage sale, or Goodwill store.  Wrapping a Christmas gift in sheet music gives your gift elegance (even if you wrapped up a pair of socks) and can even be personalized by the type of music you decide to use.  Sweet Caroline – for instance!


I wanted the topper on this gift to be bright yet natural. I was inspired by the pinecone transformations in this post by: A Fanciful Twist.


Mine didn’t look nearly as beautiful but it had the pop of color I was wanting for the topper on this gift that was otherwise black and white.


Andrea’s Final Package

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