13 Creative Ideas for Wrapping Gifts

12.  Personalized Photo Gift Wrapping

Andrea’s Inspiration

I’m a picture person; so this gift wrap idea is right up my alley. I was drawn to the post at – These Four Walls. Here Abi used her beautiful Instagram photos to create a personal twist on her packages.

I think you could go two different ways here… you could either spend extra to make this photo gift topper part of the gift by purchasing a professional photo product; or you could inexpensively print on copy paper and simply make the package more attractive but not expect the receiver to necessarily keep the photo on top… although they might!

I haven’t had a chance to try this out yet, but I just know that my husband’s Grandma would adore an old photo of the local historical Stone Bridge where she raised her family as the gift wrap to her Christmas present.

Vintage photo of Old Stone Bridge.

This is “a photo of a photo” that was in an old scrapbook. I opened my favorite easy photo software PhotoScape to give this image even more of a vintage appearance by using different film layers and color adjustments.

Transform your photo to a vintage look.

Make sure if you are going to take the time to edit and print images, you are gifting to someone who likes to take their time unwrapping their gift.  You know they will appreciate the extra thoughtful touch!

Another fun photo wrapping paper idea involves printing your own rolls of wrapping paper out of photos. Here are some places you can special order from photo product sites like pinpaperpress.com, Zazzle.com and Collage.com

Options for customized photo gift wrap.


13.  Creative Gift Tags – Personalized Letter Beads

Katie’s Inspiration

I love this idea of personalizing that special someone’s gift with a beaded string. It just gives an added touch of thoughtfulness and creativity. It gives a fun twist on a classic gift tag.

Creative gift tag with personalized beads

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