13 Creative Ideas for Wrapping Gifts

6. Printable Gift Wrap


Andrea’s Inspiration

I’ve always wanted to try a printable gift wrap. I found this printable wrapping paper at www.craftberrybush.com



Andrea’s Wrapping Project

Materials Needed:

Printer paper and Printer






I just love the design and colors.  It printed great on a regular 8.5″ x 11″ office printer and copy paper.  I printed extra pages, so I could tape it together if needed. I didn’t really like the idea of taping the pieces together, but it was necessary even though the gift I was wrapping was small.  I used double-sided tape to put two pages together.

Wearable nail polish ring.


Wrapping with printable wrapping paper.



If you are wondering, this wearable nail polish holder is for my niece, I haven’t tried it myself but I found it listed on the this article 42 Strangest But Most Practical Hidden Gems On Amazon. Seems like a more efficient to get your nail polish brush back and forth while your painting your nails.

Wearable nail polish holder.

Source: Amazon.com


But let’s get back to what we were doing and WRAP this up. Since this was a small gift, a button seemed like the perfect topper.

Giftwrap printed on plain paper.

I used some girly pink ribbon and dainty twine around the gift. Finished it off by threading a heart-shaped button for my sweet “Deer” niece.


Andrea’s Finished Package

Deer gift wrap for dear niece.

7. Share some Christmas Cheer with Pom Poms.

Cammie’s Inspiration

Cute Kids gift wrap ideas.
Little pom pom’s seem to be showing up in a lot of diy crafts.  I have them floating around my house is various nooks and crannies, so I decided to making pom pom wrapping paper.

My inspiration came from an image on Wal-mart.com. They used a marker to create garland with poms as the light bulbs, but my affinity towards twine won out – especially with my lack of drawing skills. 


Cammie’s Wrapping Project

Materials Needed:

Kraft Paper

Pom poms


Hot Glue Gun

What can be better than twine and kraft paper? My intention to use the twine as garland went to the way-side.  I just couldn’t help myself when I got a hold of the glue-gun and started attaching poms all over.  I added jingle bells and some larger poms to give some added dimension and a little sound.

Pom poms for wrapping paper.


Cammie’s Final Package

This is a gift for my 4 year old grandson who will love the bright colors and the cool remote control snake inside!  Hisssssssss…..

Cute Kids gift wrap ideas.

8. Big Poms for Garland or a Gift Topper.

Cammie’s Inspiration

Lost of color with this double pom gift topper.

HGTV was the basis for my inspiration for big poms made of yarn. Check out the variety of colorful poms and an option using a doily and a smaller pom from HGTV.


Cammie’s Wrapping Project

Materials Needed:

For larger pom you will need a 4″ wide board


Making the yarn pom is a quick and easy way to add some pop to a present.  Here are some step by step instructions.

Step 1: Wrap the yarn around a 4″ board.  The amount of yarn you use will determine how full the pom will be, so make sure you wrap more than a couple of times.

Step 1 wrap the yarn


Step 2:  Slide the yarn to the edge of the board, and pull it off.  Try to use both hands as you pull it off, to retain the loop you created by wrapping it around the board.

Yarn pom gift topper.

Step 3:  (Some instructions skip this step, but I like to do this extra step to hold the yarn together so no loops slip out as I’m working with it.) Take a piece of yarn 10-12″ long, and wrap it around the middle of your loop to help hold it together. Tie a knot to hold it.

Yarn pom

Step 4:  Now, use the ends of the piece of yarn you just tied together, and split your big loop in half and create two new even loops.

Yarn pom gift topper.

Step 5:  Now, you can cut your loops to create the pom.

Pom gift topper instructions

Step 6:  You may need to trim any uneven lengths of yarn to create a symmetrical pom.  Then, wrap yarn a few times around the package and tie on the pom.

Pom gift wrapping.

Cammie’s Finished Package

Making the pom was so easy and fun, I made another one out of fluffy yarn to add some more color to the package.  (Not that there wasn’t already enough color.)

Lost of color with this double pom gift topper.

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