17+ Awesome Products That Will Make This Your Best Summer Ever

3. Waterproof Phone Case

Where has this been all of my life? I absolutely love this idea for the water park, where otherwise it’s impossible to carry your phone around. It even has a strap to keep it safely around your wrist or attached to a loop in your pocket. It is also a universal size that’s made to fit just about every smart phone, even the iPhone 6 plus. But the best part– you can pick one up here on Amazon for less than $10! Sounds like a deal to me.

4. Slushy Maker

I picked up one of these at Target last summer, and it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made! You can turn any liquid into a slushy in less than a minute. Store the cup in your freezer until the gel inside the walls of the cup is frozen (about 2 hours), pour any liquid into the cup, and then squeeze. That’s it! The longer it’s in there, the slushier it gets. You can also pick one up on Amazon.

5. Spiked Drink Holders

If you’re a beach bum, these spiked drink holders are a must-have! Simply poke them into the sand to hold your drinks and other items to keep the sand off. They come in a pack of 6 for about $35– not bad!

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