17+ Awesome Products That Will Make This Your Best Summer Ever

8. BBQ S’mores Maker

Because everything tastes better on the grill! You can also use this BBQ S’mores Maker in the oven or even toaster oven. Now you don’t have to wait to have a campfire to enjoy the ooey gooey mess.

9. Floating Ping Pong Table

Just when you thought ping pong couldn’t get any better– now you can play it in the pool! The board seems quite a bit smaller than a traditional table, so it would take some time to get use to, but I’m up for the challenge. You can also use this floating ping pong table out of the water in the colder months.

10. Watermelon Keg Kit

A summer party isn’t complete without a watermelon keg! This kit makes it easy to turn a hollowed out watermelon or pumpkin into a drink dispenser for punch or cocktails. Now, all you have to do is find a watermelon with a flat enough bottom to stand on it’s own.

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