17 Easy Curb Appeal Ideas Anyone Can Do

1. Faux Stone Panels

I’ve always wondered why the exposed slab foundation on homes are left as such an eyesore!? I suppose it could get pretty pricey to cover the entire foundation of your home, but these faux panels will leave you with some change left in your pockets. They come in faux rock, stone, brick and wood, with several different styles and colors to choose from. These would be great for the inside of the home, too! Perhaps a fireplace surround or accent wall?

Use faux panels to cover foundation walls and other eyesores! ~ I love these curb appeal ideas and exterior makeovers! Lots of easy DIY projects on a budget for your entryway, landscaping, porch, front yard, garage doors and more! Before and after photos included. | Listotic.com

Get the faux panels here: Fauxpanels.com

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