18 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

3.Valentine Heart Pencils

What a great valentine for kids to give to their teachers!  Jamie at Simply J Studio provides great instructions.   All you  need is some yellow cardstock, pink cardstock, aluminum foil, ribbon, pack of Rolo’s and a Hershey’s Kiss for each pencil.

Jamie’s printable download isn’t working, but I found one with clever writing messages from Leanne at Organize and Decorate Everything.

4. Folding Envelope Hearts

What a secret way to send a valentine! Plus, you can add a secret note inside the envelope to make your valentine feel extra special. The instructions from Martha Stewart show you how to take a heart cut out of patterned paper and make it into a lovely envelope. What could be better than a valentine that acts as your envelope?


5. Slime Valentine

What kid doesn’t love slime?  These valentines are fun for every age.  Check out our awesome 2 ingredient slime recipe. Once  you have it made, then place in airtight containers.  I like to use 4 oz jelly jars with lids, but if you are giving them away at school, you might want to use plastic containers you can find on Amazon.

2-ingredient recipe for Glitter Goo Slime. Great for Valentine’s Day.


You can also dress them up with  heart stickers or some colored twine.

Dress up your valentine slime with a heart and twine.


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