20 Of The Best Mason Jar Projects

10. Mason Jar Mini Sewing Kit

Store all of your small sewing supplies inside of a jar and use the top as a pin cushion! Just leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with this beauty.

20 Of The Best Mason Jar Projects | Sewing kit in a jar! Use the lid as a pin cushion.

Source & Instructions: Martha Stewart

11. Mason Jar Terrarium 

Mason jars are perfect for growing herbs and other small plants, especially in a sunny kitchen window, but if you don’t have the light needed and love the way they look, don’t be afraid to go fake! Artificial succulents these days actually look like the real thing. Check out the instructions for this project over at Hometalk.

DIY mason jar crafts and ideas for Christmas, holidays, gifts, home decor and more! Kids and teens love these projects! Listotic.com

12. Mason Jar Beach Keepsake

Use a mason jar to display items from a recent beach vacation! You could even place a photo from the trip on the inside as a backdrop. I did this last year and the jar ended up full of bugs! It might be a good idea to clean and air out your shells before sealing them in the jar. Hehe. Check out the full details for this project here.

20 Of The Best Mason Jar Projects | A beach bottle keepsake! Perfect place to showcase all of your vacation finds.

Source & Instructions: Mom 4 Real

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