20 Of The Best Mason Jar Projects

14. Mason Jar Lanterns

Use pliers and wire to turn mason jars into hanging lanterns. You could use just about any filler to make it fitting for the occasion. Top them with a tea light, and hang them indoors or out. You could also simply fill them with flowers for pretty hanging bouquets. Check out the instructions for this project over at Intimate Weddings.

Mason jar hanging candle lanterns. -- DIY mason jar crafts and ideas for Christmas, holidays, gifts, home decor and more! Kids and teens love these projects! Listotic.com

15. Mason Jar Floating Centerpiece

Looking for an easy and beautiful centerpiece? Fill mason jars with water, and simply drop a floating candle on top! You could also fill the bottom with river rocks, pebbles or anything that sinks. Tie them off with raffia or a pretty ribbon, and that’s it!

20 Of The Best Mason Jar Projects | Floating mason jar table centerpieces.

Source & Instructions: Emmaline Bride

16. Mason Jar Under-Shelf Storage

Screw mason jar lids to the bottom of a shelf as a unique way to store craft supplies and other small knick knacks. I’ve seen this done in the garage for screws, nails and other small pieces, but I love this idea for little, hard-to-organize craft supplies even more. Check out the full instructions for this project here.

20 Of The Best Mason Jar Projects | Use them for under shelf storage. Perfect for a craft room!

Source & Instructions: Poofy Cheeks

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