20 Of The Best Mason Jar Projects

16. Mason Jar Under-Shelf Storage

Screw mason jar lids to the bottom of a shelf as a unique way to store craft supplies and other small knick knacks. I’ve seen this done in the garage for screws, nails and other small pieces, but I love this idea for little, hard-to-organize craft supplies even more. Check out the full instructions for this project here.

20 Of The Best Mason Jar Projects | Use them for under shelf storage. Perfect for a craft room!

Source & Instructions: Poofy Cheeks

17. Mason Jar Lamp Base

I love this simple lamp idea! You could also fill it with anything you’d like that matches your decor. I’m thinking acorns, shells, pinecones, wine corks, photos or anything that suits your fancy. Check out the full details here.

20 Of The Best Mason Jar Projects | Use them as a lamp base. You could even fill it with a few items that match your room's decor.

Source & Instructions: Redberry Barn

18. Mason Jar Light Makeover

Replace an outdated light cover with a large mason jar! These jars are proving to be pretty versatile. You will find a full video tutorial on YouTube on how to safely make mason jar lights and lanterns. It’s important to make sure you create a hole either in the jar somewhere or in the fixture so that the heat can escape when the light is on.

20 Of The Best Mason Jar Projects | Turn an outdated light into a charming one!

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