20 Of The Best Mason Jar Projects

18. Mason Jar Light Makeover

Replace an outdated light cover with a large mason jar! These jars are proving to be pretty versatile. You will find a full video tutorial on YouTube on how to safely make mason jar lights and lanterns. It’s important to make sure you create a hole either in the jar somewhere or in the fixture so that the heat can escape when the light is on.

20 Of The Best Mason Jar Projects | Turn an outdated light into a charming one!

19. Mason Jar To-Go Cups

With a few simple steps, you can turn mason jars into nifty to-go cups. These would make for fun gifts! That’s all you will need for this project is a drill or hole punch, a straw and grommets. Go check out the full instructions over at My Frugal Adventures.

20 Of The Best Mason Jar Projects | Turn mason jars into to-go cups!

20. Mason Jar Holiday Lanterns

With a little bit of tissue paper and mod podge (or watered down glue), you can turn ordinary mason jars into festive holiday lanterns. This looks like a fun project for the kids, too! You can find a full tutorial for this easy project over at Crafts By Amanda!

Easy and Cheap DIY Halloween Party Decor -- A lot of fun DIY mason jar crafts and projects here!

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