20 Of The Best Mason Jar Projects

19. Mason Jar To-Go Cups

With a few simple steps, you can turn mason jars into nifty to-go cups. These would make for fun gifts! That’s all you will need for this project is a drill or hole punch, a straw and grommets. Go check out the full instructions over at My Frugal Adventures.

20 Of The Best Mason Jar Projects | Turn mason jars into to-go cups!

20. Mason Jar Holiday Lanterns

With a little bit of tissue paper and mod podge (or watered down glue), you can turn ordinary mason jars into festive holiday lanterns. This looks like a fun project for the kids, too! You can find a full tutorial for this easy project over at Crafts By Amanda!

Easy and Cheap DIY Halloween Party Decor -- A lot of fun DIY mason jar crafts and projects here!

21. Mason Jar Snowman

Tell me this isn’t your favorite snowman project, ever? You can’t. It’s the most creative and adorable thing I’ve ever seen made out of a mason jar! This DIY Christmas snowman would look awfully cute perched on any mantel. Go visit Vicki and Amy over at Canary Street Crafts for the tips and instructions, including where to get the supplies.

Cheap and easy DIY Christmas decor idea made out of a mason jar! This rustic snowman is the cutest thing you will ever make! Lots of mason jar ideas for Christmas, gifts, food or any DIY craft project. These would be awesome to sell at a craft fair. Listotic.com

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