21+ Brilliant Silicone Inventions

11. Silicone Travel Bottles

If you travel often, you may know that those cheap travel bottles you get from Walmart or Target don’t hold up for too long. I’m usually too grossed out to reuse them for the next trip anyway, so they just end up in the trash. I love the idea of these silicone bottles because they are easy to clean, easy to identify with the varying colors, and even have a suction cup so they stick to the side of a shower!

21 Genius Silicone Inventions -- Reusable travel bottles! They even have a suction cup so you can cling it to a shower wall or mirror.

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12. Almost Everything Opener

This little silicone duckling flexes to help easily open a jar of any size, as well as bottle caps and stuck on corks. Even the kids could use this to open the jar of jelly.

21 Brilliant Silicone Inventions -- The cutest bottle opener, EVER!

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13. Ice Stick Trays

These flexible trays allow the ice to pop out much easier, and because of their long shape, you can easily fit them into a water bottle. No more leaving half full bottles of warm water laying around!

21 Genius Silicone Inventions -- An ice cube tray for water bottles. Smart!

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