21+ Brilliant Silicone Inventions

15. The Spill Stopper

It works just like a lid, only it has a major bonus: you can just set your pot to boil and then walk away without having to worry about it spilling over. Perfect for spaghetti night! This spill stopper is available in 4 different sizes and 3 varying colors.

21 Genius Silicone Inventions -- So you don't have to worry about boil over! Smart!

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16. Moodies

Change your mood! Seriously. These silicone light bulb coversĀ are easy to slip onto any CFL/LED lightbulb, and then can be just as easily switched as the mood strikes. The nice folks from Moodies sent me a rainbow of colors to sample, and I have to say, they’re pretty cool! My teenage son has taken them over in his room. Red seems to be the favorite so far, with blue coming in as a close second.

21 GENIUS Silicone Inventions -- Easily change the color of any room! Kids love these.

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17. Flex-It Measuring Cups

I have this silicone measuring set and use it all the time! You can basically use it as a mixing bowl, and then squeeze and poor your batter into muffin liners or directly onto a hot pan for pancakes. They are also heat resistant enough for the microwave and dishwasher. The measuring lines are just a bonus!

21 GENIUS Silicone Inventions -- These make it so easy to measure and pour!

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