21+ Brilliant Silicone Inventions

16. Moodies

Change your mood! Seriously. These silicone light bulb coversĀ are easy to slip onto any CFL/LED lightbulb, and then can be just as easily switched as the mood strikes. The nice folks from Moodies sent me a rainbow of colors to sample, and I have to say, they’re pretty cool! My teenage son has taken them over in his room. Red seems to be the favorite so far, with blue coming in as a close second.

21 GENIUS Silicone Inventions -- Easily change the color of any room! Kids love these.

Buy them here: BuyMoodies.com

17. Flex-It Measuring Cups

I have this silicone measuring set and use it all the time! You can basically use it as a mixing bowl, and then squeeze and poor your batter into muffin liners or directly onto a hot pan for pancakes. They are also heat resistant enough for the microwave and dishwasher. The measuring lines are just a bonus!

21 GENIUS Silicone Inventions -- These make it so easy to measure and pour!

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18. Oven Rack Guards

These nifty silicone guards are easy to install and help prevent burns on the fore-arm and hands. I was just thinking this would be good for the kids at home who are learning to cook and bake. It would certainly make me feel better about my daughter reaching in and out of the oven!

21 GENIUS Silicone Inventions -- Protects hands and arms that often times bump or touch the oven racks!

Buy them here: Amazon.com

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