21+ Brilliant Silicone Inventions

18. Oven Rack Guards

These nifty silicone guards are easy to install and help prevent burns on the fore-arm and hands. I was just thinking this would be good for the kids at home who are learning to cook and bake. It would certainly make me feel better about my daughter reaching in and out of the oven!

21 GENIUS Silicone Inventions -- Protects hands and arms that often times bump or touch the oven racks!

Buy them here: Amazon.com

19. Silicone Baking Cups

I have these silicone baking cups in the round and square version, and use them just about every day for my daughter’s school lunch. They are the perfect little separators for cheese, lunch meat, crackers, nuts, fruit, etc. You could also use them as snack cups for little fingers, or to bake cupcakes, of course!

21 GENIUS Silicone Inventions -- These make for awesome snack dividers in lunch boxes! Keeps food from getting soggy, too.

Buy them here: Amazon.com Cute lunch ideas here: Michelle’s Kitchen

20. Ice Pop Molds

Fill and freeze! I love this idea for the little ones. You could fill them with yogurt, pudding, apple sauce or juice! Apparently they’re really flexible and easy for small hands to push the frozen contents out, too. Pick them up here on Amazon.

21 GENIUS Silicone Inventions -- Make your own ice pops with juice, milk, or any other liquid!

Buy them here: Amazon.com

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