21+ Brilliant Silicone Inventions

1. Food Huggers

These little kitchen gadgets may be simple, but just imagine how many little plastic baggies this would save you! They create an effortless air tight seal around your fruits and veggies (there is even one made specifically for avocados!). They are also great for covering opened cans, snack cups, or jars. Check them out here.

Food huggers! These are AWESOME... replaces plastic baggies, wrap and foil. -- 21 Genius Silicone Inventions

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2. Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

These gloves are perfect for the grill or the kitchen! Because they resist temperatures up to 425 degrees, you can just use your hands to flip meat on the grill, pull apart a rotisserie chicken, or remove boiled eggs right out of the pot. Pick up a pair here on Amazon.

Silicone gloves so you can touch hot food! I love this idea for boiled eggs alone -- 21 GENIUS Silicone Inventions

Buy them here: Amazon.com

3. Handy Holsters

Because these silicone holders are heat resistant, they are perfect for hot styling and crafting tools. The silicone clings to any smooth surface, so you can let it hang off the end of your desk, bathroom vanity, or even on a mirror! I love this idea for small spaces where counter and storage space is limited. If you’re not crazy about the fun, bright colors, they also sell them in more neutral colors such as white, grey and black. The nice folks from Holster Brands sent me the Hobby Holster in green, and I’m now using it in my craft room for my hot glue gun. Works great!

Silicone holsters that cling to the side of a desk or sink! Perfect for hot styling products or a hot glue gun. -- 21 GENIUS Silicone Inventions

Buy them here: HolsterBrands.com


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