21+ Brilliant Silicone Inventions

6. Silicone Wine Glasses

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Pool party!! Because these “glasses” are unbreakable, you don’t have to worry about entertaining by the pool or even taking them on a picnic or to the beach. They fold up almost flat so they can easily fit into a beach bag (or purse! hehe). Even if you’re not much of a wine drinker, these silicone wine glasses can also be used for cocktails, ice tea, raspberry lemonade or water.

21 Brilliant Silicone Inventions -- A wine glass you can take to the beach or into the pool!!

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7. Slap-On Drink Markers

What a fun way to distinguish your drink glass! These are great for parties, but even on a night at home with my husband we get confused with who’s glass is who’s — until you see the shiny rim of lip gloss that coats my glass. 🙂 Because these drink markers are made of silicone, they just stick to the glass without leaving behind any sticky residue. Easy on, easy off!

21 GENIUS Silicone Inventions -- Slap-on drink markers! Brilliant for a party.

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8. Beer Savers

It’s not often that my beer needs to be saved, but I like this concept for the larger craft bottles, otherwise I feel forced to chug them all at once. I’m not saying that I do that a lot, I just like to drink a beer when it’s still at its ideal carbonation. Check out them out here on Amazon.

21 GENIUS Silicone Inventions -- Beer savers! I need these for my ginger beer bottles that get left open for my Moscow Mules!

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