21+ Brilliant Silicone Inventions

8. Beer Savers

It’s not often that my beer needs to be saved, but I like this concept for the larger craft bottles, otherwise I feel forced to chug them all at once. I’m not saying that I do that a lot, I just like to drink a beer when it’s still at its ideal carbonation. Check out them out here on Amazon.

21 GENIUS Silicone Inventions -- Beer savers! I need these for my ginger beer bottles that get left open for my Moscow Mules!

Buy them here: Amazon.com

9. Collapsible Bucket

You can store this bucket practically anywhere (even pack it in your suitcase for a beach vacation), and it adjusts to 4 variable heights. I think this bucket is perfect for a boat where storage space is limited. It would also be nice for a small apartment or home where you don’t necessarily have unlimited garage space. Read the reviews and pick one up here.

21 GENIUS Silicone Inventions -- A space-saving bucket! This would be great for a camper or boat.

Buy one here: Amazon.com

10. Flexible Food Pod

Although pretty handy, this food pod is just goofy enough to also be the conversation piece of your kitchen. Just leave it out on the counter for your guests to ponder over. Aside from being just plain cool looking, it also makes it easy to boil eggs, veggies, potatoes, and large pasta. What else could you put in there?

21 Brilliant Silicone Inventions

Buy one here: Amazon.com

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