23 Life Hacks You Will Want To Share On Facebook

5. The Staple Remover Trick

Adding or removing a key from a key ring is a fingernail disaster waiting to happen. Instead of risking your manicure, try using a staple remover to easily open up the ring. Works like a charm!

6. Trash Bag Suction Issues

Pulling a bag out of a trash can is a challenge that sometimes takes four arms, a good squat and a little muscle thanks to the vacuum that prevents a trash bag from easily sliding out.

To solve this problem, simply drill a few holes in the side of the can to release air pressure. It makes the whole trash-taking-out business a lot easier! P.S. Avoid drilling the holes in the bottom as this could cause a leaky mess.

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7. Flip Flop Fail

With enough time and wear, your flip flop straps are bound to break through the hole in the bottom of the shoe, but this doesn’t mean they have to retire. Use a bread clip to keep it from slipping through the split hole. Very clever and resourceful!

Just be sure to carry bread clips around in your purse…

23 Mind-Blowing Hacks You Will Want To Share On Facebook

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