24 Creative Ways To Use Leftovers

21. Freeze Leftover Pancakes

Make too many pancakes? Good! Make a habit out of it because you can easily freeze them for later use (get the instructions here). If you are going to go through the trouble of making them, you might as well make a big batch that lasts you the entire month! And, you can make them healthier than the one’s you can find frozen in the store.

22. Leftover Spaghetti Braid 

Why not combine buttery garlic bread with leftover pasta into something you can eat with your hands! Just add in some cheese to your leftover spaghetti to easily make this spaghetti braid using pre-made frozen dough. This little trick makes leftovers so much more exciting!


Source: Rhodes Bread

23. Thanksgiving Dinner Crescent Rolls 

Another fabulous idea for Thanksgiving leftovers! Combine small portions of your leftovers into a pastry (store-bought is easy!) to make these Thanksgiving stuffed croissants for brunch the next day. A step up from the usual turkey sandwich, I think.

#23. Roll up your Thanksgiving leftovers in a crescent roll for brunch the next day! | 24 Creative Ways To Use Leftovers

Source: Cake & Heels

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