25+ Creative Craft Ideas For Adults

25. DIY Missoni Sneakers

I have to say, these shoes look like they took a bit of patience, but it was definitely worth it! You can buy white canvas shoes just about anywhere. Now that’s all you will need are a few fabric markers, a ruler and a little bit of time. Check out the full tutorial and step-by-step photos over at Refinery 29!

Fun with fabric markers! -- Easy DIY craft ideas for adults for the home, for fun, for gifts, to sell and more! Some of these would be perfect for Christmas or other holidays. A lot of awesome projects here! Listotic.com

Source: Refinery 29

26. DIY License Plate Box

If you happen to have a few old license plates laying around, this project is for you! With just a pair of tin snips and pliers, you can easily turn them into cute little boxes that can be used as planters, storage containers or as a charming home decoration. Check out the full instructions along with more pictures over at Hometalk.

DIY License Plate Box -- Lots of easy and fun craft ideas for the home! I'll bet you could make and sell some of these.

Source: Hometalk

27. Button Dish

You know that big bag of buttons you have laying around? Well, it’s time to finally put them to good use! This easy button bowl tutorial from Hometalk includes lots of step-by-step photos and a helpful video. I think the bowl would be perfect for keys, jewelry, coins, potpourri or as the perfect homemade gift!

Easy and cheap craft ideas for kids and adults. I love this button bowl using just a balloon, buttons and glue! It's perfect for keys, jewelry or to sell!

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