29 Fun & Creative Crafts For Kids

2. Painted Rocks

It’s always fun to take something as ordinary as a rock and turn it into a piece of art! On top of just being pretty, you could also use them as a paper weight or door stop. Or, I have what I call a “gratitude rock”, and every time I see it, I pick it up and think of something I’m thankful for. Perhaps these could be gifts for something like that!

You will need smooth (and preferably flat) rocks to get started. Clean them really well and maybe even rub them down good with rubbing alcohol to help the paint stick. Use an acrylic craft paint for your base coat, and after it dries, a fine permanent marker to make your outline. Fill in your design with more paint, or try these Molotow Markers for fine detail work. It might be best with the kids (depending on the age) to help them with their outline, and then they can have fun filling in the lines.

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Source & lots of ideas: I Sassi Dell’Adriatico

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