29 Sneaky Tips For Small Space Living

16. Clever Spice Shelves

This is the question in most kitchens– where to put the spices?! Ideally you want them near the stove where you’ll be using them, but that is not always an option. Ashley from Domestic Imperfection, came up with this brilliant idea using the empty wall space in the pantry! Check out the entire pantry reveal here. Hard to believe, but she used mesh drawer organizers for this clever project.

17. Tiered Counter Storage

Just like with homes and buildings (where there isn’t a big footprint), consider building up! For small bathroom or kitchen counters, consider a tiered tray to hold all of the essentials without taking up as much room on the counter. I found this tray for sale here on Amazon. About $110, though! Yowzers. Amazon also has a nice selection of other tiered trays at lower price ranges. I have this one in my kitchen, and I love it! I use it for fruit, veggies, nuts, and other healthy food choices that I want to be easily seen and accessible.

18. DIY Slide-Out Cabinet

If you have any narrow spaces in your kitchen that aren’t being lived up to their full potential, consider a DIY pull-out cabinet that will keep your kitchen essentials convenient without taking much space! Look at how many cans, jars, and spices this one holds– almost an entire pantry’s worth!

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