29 Sneaky Tips For Small Space Living

17. Tiered Counter Storage

Just like with homes and buildings (where there isn’t a big footprint), consider building up! For small bathroom or kitchen counters, consider a tiered tray to hold all of the essentials without taking up as much room on the counter.

I found this tray for sale here on Amazon. About $110, though! Yowzers. But I did find a very similar one for my bathroom here for much less. I also have this one in my kitchen, and I love it! I use it for small plates, dipping bowls, fruit, veggies, nuts, and other healthy food choices that I want to be easily seen and accessible.

18. DIY Slide-Out Cabinet

If you have any narrow spaces in your kitchen that aren’t being lived up to their full potential, consider a DIY pull-out cabinet that will keep your kitchen essentials convenient without taking much space! Look at how many cans, jars, and spices this one holds– almost an entire pantry’s worth!

A sliding hidden pantry is the perfect solution for small kitchen storage…

19. Small-Space Command Center

Having a centralized spot in the home where everyone can go to check the calendar, see what’s for dinner, or make notes is a great way for a family to stay organized. It really doesn’t require a lot of space either, that’s all you need is a small wall or corner of the home.

I love the way this command center was done by Jenna Burger over at BHG.

#19. Create a small space DIY command center to stay organized! | 29 Sneaky Tips For Small Space Living -- A ton of clever hacks and storage ideas for small spaces, homes and apartments! Small bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen ideas on a budget (DIY and cheap). Small space living isn't so bad! Even with kids. Listotic.com


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