29 Sneaky Tips For Small Space Living

8. Above-The-Door Shelf

And this is how you make a tiny bathroom work– by getting crafty with the unused vertical space above the door. I like this idea for the nice guest towels that you don’t want the kids using (cause they can’t reach! Mwahahaha). Get the details and instructions for this project here.

9. Under Bed Storage

Using the space under your bed for storage is a no-brainer, but what if you could make your very own rolling bed drawers to make getting to your things a little easier! Just be sure to get plastic bins that are at least 2 inches shorter than the bottom of your bed frame.

10. Ottoman Bed

This is one of the most creative small space solutions I think I’ve ever seen! Even if you’re not hurting for space, this would come in so handy when you have more guests than you could otherwise sleep. This convertible ottoman simply has a slip cover in 8 different color choices that go over the bed when it’s not in use. Clever!

A hidden bed in an ottoman is the perfect small space solution for guests.

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