30+ Candy Free Valentine Ideas

Recently, I shared with you some fun ideas for an epic Valentine’s Day Breakfast! I have been on the hunt for some adorable candy free Valentine ideas for kids. You’ll surely be the favorite mom in class by having your child pass out a fun yet candy-free gift they’ll get to enjoy! I’ve made it easy and created a go to list for you along with a few FREE PRINTABLES that go with my DIY Lego Crayons!

30+ Candy Free Valentine Gift Ideas.

1. Lego Crayons

This is such a fun activity for kids to do whether it is Valentine’s Day related or not. They’re a creative twist on old broken crayons upcycled into a fun new crayon! Amazon has a ton of different molds in endless varieties suiting your child’s interests ranging from hearts, letters, trains, stars, monsters, animals etc.! Check the different options out here.


2. Love Balloon

Who doesn’t love balloons? This is such an exciting valentine in my kids’ eyes. They absolutely love balloons!


3. Kinetic Sand

This is all the rage these days among kids. I actually prefer this to playdough for several reasons. Kinetic sand is soft, stretchy and non-sticking. It’s not as messy and can easily be contained to a small area (we use a baking sheet to keep it in one place).  Plus, it’s allergen free!

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