30 “Surprise-Inside” Cake & Treat Ideas

1. Pancake Muffins

What a great way to make an on-the-go version of a pancake breakfast! Fill your muffin tin 1/4 full with pancake mix, toss in a few of your favorite breakfast ingredients (bacon, sausage, blueberries– maybe even a little dollop of maple syrup?), pour another layer of pancake mix over top until they are 3/4 full, and bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes. You could even make these the night before an early morning, and then have them ready to run out the door with.

2. Zebra Striped Surprise Cake

Zebra striped cake can go with just about any party theme, from a kid’s safari party to a bachelorette party. And, the best part is, it doesn’t take a lot of skill or effort! The cake can all be baked at one time without any food coloring added as white and chocolate cake are already readily available.

30 Surprise-Inside Cake and Treat Ideas!!

Source & Instructions: My Cake School

3. Leopard Print Surprise Cake

Surprise your guests with a leopard print cake! It’s almost as simple as the zebra stripes, with just one extra color added and a layered swirl pattern. You can add orange food coloring to a white cake batter, but even better, skip the food coloring all together and create a lighter brown color by mixing chocolate and white cake mix together for your third color.

30 Surprise-Inside Cake and Treat Ideas!!

Source & Instructions: Masam Manis

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