31 Clothing Tips Every Girl Should Know

30. Hoodie Strings Gone Astray

I’ve lost more hoodie strings than I can count on one hand. This is why in my wise old age I have discovered that if you make a few knots in the ends of the string, it’s less likely to get lost through those holes. But, let’s just say you didn’t do that, and one get’s sucked in there. There are a few ways to rescue it!

If it falls all the way out (if it doesn’t, pull it out), you can push one end of the string through a straw, staple it on, and then push it back through the narrow tunnel of your hoodie.  You can also attach a safety pin to one end (gives you something hard to grip through the fabric), and use your fingers to guide it though the channel.

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Straw Method: Lifehacker Safety Pin Method: Chica and Jo

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