32 Of The Best DIY Backyard Games

1. Yard Twister

My first thought when I saw this was “FUN”! But then, I thought “Wouldn’t the paint ruin your lawn?”. Turns out you can use ground marking spray to prevent damaging your grass, and within a few weeks it grows out. Hadn’t thought of that! You could make the board as big as you’d like so that a lot of people could play at once. And, you can customize the size of the dots depending on the age of the players; smaller dots are better for little hands and feet. Get the full instructions here.

32 of the BEST DIY backyard games to play!

Source & Inspiration: You + Me Instructions: Instructables

2. Jumbo Backyard Ker-Plunk Game

Believe it or not, this is made with really simple materials, and you can purchase the ball pit balls on Amazon for less than $25. Get your drill ready because anything in jumbo size is so much more fun! Go check it out here.

32 of the BEST backyard games to play! DIY huge Kerplunk game!

Go get the instructions: All Parenting

3. Giant Jenga

With just a couple of 2 x 4 boards you can make your very own Giant Jenga Set! You wouldn’t even need a saw because most lumbar yards and home improvement stores will cut the boards to any length you want. I love how this set was painted on the ends in pretty spring colors! Believe it or not, this game has become so popular you can actually purchase a Giant Jenga Set for about $100 on Amazon (just in case you’re not much of a do-it-yourselfer).

32 Of The Best DIY Backyard Games You Will Ever Play - Giant outdoor Jenga! Yes, please.

Go get the instructions: A Beautiful Mess


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