33+ Helpful Moving Tips Everyone Should Know

18. Invest In Convenient Boxes

Sure, it’s a good idea to start saving boxes months before the move, but it’s also an excellent idea to invest in boxes that are made for particular uses. Check out this wardrobe box! It might be a good idea for expensive suits and coats. There are also boxes made for framed art work and mirrors, packing paper that won’t leave ink stains, and box cell inserts made for separating delicate items.

33+ Helpful Moving Tips Everyone Should Know

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19. Drain Gas & Oil From Lawn Equipment

Gas and oil are considered hazardous and flammable. It’s probably not a good idea to pack a lawn mower or weed eater full of gas in with the rest of your stuff in the moving truck. Be sure to drain it out before loading it up. Your lawn mower needs a good tune up every now and then anyway.

33+ Helpful Moving Tips Everyone Should Know ~ Drain gas and oil from your lawn equipment before packing it up in the moving truck.

Instructions: Popular Mechanics

20. Double Box Your Valuables

If there is anything you’re worried about breaking during your move, consider double boxing it for extra protection. This is especially true for electronics (like your computer or television). Although the original box that they came in is best, double boxing is another alternative if you no longer have them. Don’t forget bubble tape and other protective stuff, too!

 Double box your valuables! Especially a computer or anything else that you can't risk breaking. - Lots of clever moving, packing and organizing tips for houses, apartments and out of state or long distance moves! Moving into a new house? Here you will find clever moving hacks everyone should know, including a moving checklist. Listotic.com

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