33+ Helpful Moving Tips Everyone Should Know

24. Color Code With Tape

While we are on the subject of color coding, duct tape these days comes in just about every color and pattern (Minions, hotdogs and rainbows… seriously). Invest in a few rolls and use them to identify your rooms or contents.

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25. Leave Lightweight Items In Drawers

No sense in unpacking your lightweight items from your dresser drawers! They aren’t heavy enough to affect the moving process, and this way you can keep them where they belong without wasting any time, space or boxes.

33+ Helpful Moving Tips Everyone Should Know ~ Keep your lightweight items in your drawers. Saves time, space and boxes!

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26. Use Towels To Protect Boxed Items

Wrap your delicate kitchen items in towels and hand towels for extra protection. You can also use them to fill up extra space in a box to prevent the items from shifting and potentially breaking.

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