36 Kitchen Tips and Tricks That Nobody Told You About

20. Parchment Paper To The Rescue

Just in case you were wondering, parchment paper is different than wax paper (I had to Google it because they seemed like the same thing to me). Apparently, parchment paper will hold up to the heat of the oven, while wax paper won’t. A lot of you probably already do this, but I’m not going to lie, I’ve always just made my brownies right in the pan and served them up in a nice crumbly blob, and I also enjoy spending time scrubbing out the pan afterwards, but don’t do what I do. Make your life easier and line your pans with parchment paper.

kitchen tips, tricks and hacks that will make your life easier! Every girl should know these. This is the easiest way to keep your baking dishes clean.

Source & the best brownie recipe: Marin Mama Cooks

36 Kitchen Tips and Tricks That Nobody Told You About

Source & Instructions: Popsugar

21. DIY Muffin Liners

Well, shiver me timbers! People are smart. The next time you find yourself out of muffin liners with a full box of cinnamon streusel muffin mix to make, just use parchment paper. I need to invest in some of this stuff.

36 Kitchen Tips and Tricks That Nobody Told You About

Source: Nosh On It

22. The Easy Way To Shred Chicken

If you own one of these bad boys, you’re in luck the next time you make shredded chicken! Put the chicken breasts in your KitchenAid while they are still hot and it will shred it in less than a minute. Nice to know!

How to shred chicken breast fast with a mixer! Lots of kitchen, food and cooking tips here! Life hacks every girl should know. Listotic.com

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