36 Kitchen Tips and Tricks That Nobody Told You About

27. Save Your Cake And Eat It, Too

If you’ve ever taken leftover cake home and went to eat it later, it’s just not the same (kind of gross, actually). The edges are always stale and crumbly after sitting out. Next time, place a few pieces of bread on the outer edges to keep it soft and moist!

#27. Use bread to keep leftover cake soft and moist! ~ 36 Kitchen Tips and Tricks That Nobody Told You About

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28. Make Your Honey Like New Again

Have you ever thrown out crystallized honey because you thought it couldn’t be saved? I have! But it turns out the crystallization of honey is natural and not harmful. You can revive your little honey bear by placing it in a pot of hot water to warm it up. It will stay soft for a long time!

How to fix crystalized honey the easy way! Lots of kitchen, cooking and food tips here! Hacks every girl should know. Listotic.com

29. Freeze Herbs In Oil

If you freeze your herbs in olive oil it will prevent them from browning and getting freezer burnt. Not to mention they will always be handy, whether in season or not. Toss the cubes in a pan for sautéing meat and veggies, or use them as a sauce for pasta.

food, kitchen and cooking tips that will save you a ton of money and time! Life hacks every girl should know. How to preserve fresh herbs in olive oil. Listotic.com

Source & Instructions: The Hungry Mouse

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