50 Brilliant Storage Ideas

12. Egg Carton Storage

My family goes through a couple of egg cartons almost every week. Lately I’ve been buying the organic Eggland’s Best that come in those clear plastic containers. They are really sturdy and easy to clean — brilliant for storing some of my daughter’s small toys, like her Barbie accessories, pencil toppers, bouncy balls, jacks, etc. And, because they are made to keep a fragile egg from breaking, they are just perfect for storing your small Christmas ornaments, too!

50 Genius Storage Ideas ~ Use egg cartons to store small ornaments!

Photo Source: Ask Anna

13. DIY Christmas Ornament Storage

Here’s a cheap and easy way to store your fragile Christmas ornaments without the risk of them breaking! Glue plastic cups to cardboard, and then stack them in a storage bin. It will also keep the hooks from tangling. I know I’m guilty of piling my ornaments together in a box, and then dealing with the madness of separating them come next Christmas. Great solution!

14. Ceiling Storage

What a great way to take advantage of empty space! Use the ceiling of a closet to store those pesky wrapping paper rolls that always get crumpled and lost in the closet. You could also do this on the side of a closet to keep them standing upright and out of the way.

50 Genius Storage Ideas (all very cheap and easy!) Great for organizing and small houses.

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