50 Brilliant Storage Ideas

8. Recycled Creamer Bottles

I’ve been looking at food containers differently lately. I’ve always just thought of them as trash when I was done using them, but a lot of them can actually be very useful storage containers. The Coffee-Mate Creamer bottles are particularly nice for storing and keeping pantry items fresh. The small opening at the top is just the right size for dispersing small snacks, sugar, chocolate chips, nuts, etc. You can also use them as a water bottle!

50 Brilliant Storage Ideas

9. Vertical Bakeware Storage

Instead of stacking your pans and baking dishes on top of each other (when you have to remove every single one to get to the bottom), turn a bakeware organizer on its side and secure it to the cupboard with cable clips. It’s like a mini shelf that’s just the right size for all of those otherwise hard-to-get-to dishes.

10. Under-Sink Storage Solution

I love this idea for the bathroom for all of those little hair accessories and miscellaneous cosmetics! It would probably work best for lighter items in the long run (I’m not entirely sure how much weight those adhesive utility hooks hold and for how long), but this idea takes up hardly any space. Simply use command hooks to keep the baskets securely hung to the back of a cabinet door. The Blogspot where I found this idea no longer exists, but this seems like a pretty simple DIY project.

50 Brilliant Storage Ideas -- A unique storage solution that takes up hardly any space at all!

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