About Lilly

Hey!! It’s just me. Me and my Mac. I’ve looked high and low, explored the web, and have had lots of fun compiling and creating lists of stuff that I want to learn more about and share with you. And so, Listotic was born. Welcome! Stick around for a while and have fun rummaging through the archives.

I’ve had many people ask me how I came up with the name “Listotic”, and how to pronounce it– “list-ah-tick” (most of my brilliant ideas come after a few glasses of wine). I initially wanted to make a lot of crazy lists, and decided to marry “list” with “exotic”– get it???! No. Ok, so the blog has evolved since then to be very practical (except for this post) because I’m a very practical person. But, don’t worry, other than my slight OCD and obsession with lists, I’m a lot of fun too! Wink.

About Me

I’m a nerd at heart, and love really big dorky glasses. If you wear them, I’m jealous.

I’m married and have two amazing children, both of which are way past the diaper stage. Our daughter is a competitive gymnast, expert goo maker, and YouTube addict. Yes, she keeps us busy! Our son just recently graduated high school, works full time, and says Hi to me every once in a while. LOL

My husband helps me with my technological shortcomings– he’s really good at that! He even has a blog. It’s been empty for a while now (years), but he’s working on it. Actually, I think it’s expired.

When I’m not blogging, doing laundry, getting lost in the grocery store, driving the kids around, or watching Elf, I like to read. I can rifle through the book section on Amazon for hours; reading every review until I’ve found what I think is the perfect book. My favorite book to date is The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. It should be a movie!

I also like to run. Preferably on the road, but I will also settle for the treadmill in my bedroom over the cold outdoors (you know, anything below 65 degrees). I used to race, but now I just run in an attempt to hang on to my sanity.

I’m really good about responding to emails, so if you have any questions, post ideas or constructive comments, please feel free to contact me! You can also contact and follow me through Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, Instagram and Twitter. Bye for now! Xoxo

P.S. We have two kitties that we recently adopted, Tobin & Carly. The two sweetest cats you’ll ever meet!


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