8 Easy Stay at Home Date Night Ideas for Couples

Calling all you married people out there! Want to SAVE money so you can take a real vacation? “YES!” Want to RECONNECT with your spouse and actually enjoy time together like you did before kids & responsibilities took over your relationship? “um… YES!” Want to CELEBRATE Valentine’s Day without having to iron anything or schedule […]

You CANE save money on Valentines!

In the early months of the year, empty bank accounts and tight budgets due to Christmas spending opens up the door on creative ways to save money while still celebrating a lovey-dovey holiday named Valentine’s Day.  Here’s a DIY Valentine’s Day favor, everyone will love. For a quick look at this DIY, craft just watch […]

Super Easy DIY Holiday Mint Plate

Amaze your craft group, kids and in-laws with this super easy and fun melted mint plate. This project is so easy, cheap and quick! Kids and adults of all ages love creating this magical holiday plate. I would do this DIY melted mint plate at the nursing home; from start to finish we would have […]

6 Easy Steps for Mailing Holiday Greeting Cards

6 Easy Steps to ACTUALLY Mail Your Holiday Greeting Cards Before….. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Groundhogs Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, The Holidays! If there was a study of the top most stressful holiday tasks, you can bet your boots Mailing Holiday Greeting Cards would make the list! I’ve been sending Christmas cards ever […]

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