20 Awesome iPhone Tips & Tricks

11. Save Images From The Web

Found a picture you’d like to share? It’s easier than you think. Just touch and hold an image to save it right to your camera roll. You can also copy and paste it into a text message or email.

Lots of useful iPhone tips (with photo tutorials)

12. Easily Look Up A Word In The Dictionary

It happens to most of us; you’re reading an email or web page and come across a word that stops you right in your tracks. You can easily get the definition without interruption by holding down the word, and then tapping define.


20 Awesome iPhone Tips and Tricks (with photo tutorials)

13. Scroll To The Top Fast

Simply tap the Status Bar (it contains your network info, time, and battery life) to instantly scroll back to the top of your iPhone screen.

iPhone tips, tricks, and secrets! (with photo tutorials)

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