20 Awesome iPhone Tips & Tricks

17. Create Playlists

Creating and organizing playlists on your iPhone is easy! In your Music app, simply click Add Playlist located at the top of your playlist screen, choose a name, save, and then all of the songs located on your iPhone will automatically pop up for you to choose from.

List of iPhone Tips (with photo tutorials)

18. Tap To Focus The Camera

While shooting photos, tap the screen where you want to focus. Your iPhone will automatically adjust the exposure and white balance. This works for videos, too.

20 Awesome iPhone Tips and Tricks (with photo tutorials)

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19.Take A Screen Shot

Have a funny text message or payment confirmation you want to save or share? Press the Sleep/Wake button and Home button down at the same time. Your screen will flash and it will automatically save as a picture to your Camera Roll.

20 Awesome iPhone Tips and Tricks (with photo tutorials)

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