20 Awesome iPhone Tips & Tricks

6. Use your Volume + To Take Photos

This works especially well when trying to capture a landscape positioned photo. While in your camera app, simply tilt your phone and click the volume + button. It helps keep a steady hand! This works with the volume button on your headphones, too.

20 Awesome iPhone Tips and Tricks (with photo tutorials)

7. Quickly View Photos You Just Took

Want to see if that photo you just took is any good? While in your camera app, simply swipe the screen from left to right to view your most recently taken pictures.

20 awesome iphone tips and tricks!!

8. Get Emoji

Why not? It’s fun and easy. Add these little emoticons to your keyboard  by visiting your Settings > General > Keyboard, and then add the emoji keyboard. Now when you type, tap the globe button and choose your emoji. There are hundreds of icons to choose from!

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