11+ Brilliant Fridge Organization Ideas

10. Binder Clip Hack

Use up all of that empty air space in your freezer with binder clips! These things have so many great uses. I like that these clips not only keep opened packages closed, but the shelves in your freezer are perfect for hanging them to create more space for other things underneath. The also makes them easier to see so that you don’t forget about them!

#10. Use binder clips to keep your freezer bags closed and utilizing empty air space in your freezer. | 11 Brilliant Fridge and Freezer Organization Ideas -- Use these refrigerator tips and tricks to keep your fridge organized and clean! A few of these DIY hacks will also free up space and save you a few bucks on wasted or spoiled food (a few dollar store ideas here). | Listotic

11. Magnetic Bottle Holders

Again, it’s all about that air space! Image if you could simply hang your bottles on the top of your fridge to free of up space on your shelves. You can pick up a few of these here on Amazon. They simply peel and stick to your refrigerator ceiling.

#12. Use magnetic bottle holders to utilize empty air space in your fridge. | 11 Brilliant Fridge Organization Ideas

Pick up a few here: Amazon

12. Snack Drawers For Kids

Consider setting a small section in your fridge aside for the kids using mini drawer containers filled with healthy snacks! This is especially ideal if you have more than one child, so they each get their own drawer. It could also be used to keep other small items organized such as butter or tuna packets. Go check out the full details as well as where to get the drawer over at Pinning With Purpose.

Fridge organization and makeover ideas (easy and cheap!). A few dollar store ideas and containers here too. This mini snack drawer idea is perfect for kids! Listotic.com

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