11+ Brilliant Fridge Organization Ideas

4. DIY Magnetic Storage Bins

Just by trimming adhesive magnetic sheets to fit on the bottom of small plastic storage containers, you can store things like nuts, seeds and herbs up and off of the valuable shelf space in your refrigerator. Check out all of the details over at Tatertots & Jello! You would certainly have to hand wash these containers, so I wouldn’t store anything messy or that gets replaced a lot.

5. Lining Shelves For Easy Clean Up

Press’n Seal has so many uses like this cup trick, but who knew it could also be a money saver by using it to line messy shelves in the refrigerator in lieu of those expensive shelf liners. I like to use it in the door of the refrigerator where we keep our milk because somehow that shelf always looks like something exploded. Just be sure to clean your shelves really well, and allow them to dry completely before applying it.

#5. Use Pressn' Seal to line shelves that tend to get messy in your fridge (in the door, too!).| 11 Brilliant Fridge Organization Ideas -- Use these refrigerator tips and tricks to keep your fridge organized and clean! A few of these DIY hacks will also free up space and save you a few bucks on wasted or spoiled food (a few dollar store ideas here). | Listotic.com

Source: wikiHow

6. Snack Station Bins

Whether it’s for the kids, a roommate, or even you, sometimes it’s nice to have dedicated space in the refrigerator for everyone in the house. I especially like this idea for kids so that they know what their options are. These baskets are perfect for this purpose, and you could even put a label on each one so that there is no confusion. Check out more details over at Happy Go Lucky.

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