11+ Brilliant Fridge Organization Ideas

6. Snack Station Bins

Whether it’s for the kids, a roommate, or even you, sometimes it’s nice to have dedicated space in the refrigerator for everyone in the house. I especially like this idea for kids so that they know what their options are. These baskets are perfect for this purpose, and you could even put a label on each one so that there is no confusion. Check out more details over at Happy Go Lucky.

7. Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Because the refrigerator seems to be the most visited place in the house, it makes sense to have a spot for reminders, lists and notes like “don’t forget about the leftovers” right where everyone will see it. This way everyone can contribute to the grocery list when they see that something is running low. You can pick up one of these magnetic dry erase boards on Amazon. Just be sure that your fridge is magnetic first!

#7. Use a magnetic dry erase board on your fridge for reminders and lists. | 11 Brilliant Fridge Organization Ideas

Pick one up here: Amazon

8. Freezer Drawer Bins 

If you have the bottom pull-out style freezer, chances are you’ve lost or forgotten about dozens of things that tend to get buried in the bottom of that ginormous, deep drawer that doesn’t have any dividers. Simply Organized found a solution to this problem with inexpensive multi-purpose bins. What a fabulous idea! She separates everything by food category (meat, veggies, breakfast, etc.). Go check it out here.

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