28 Brilliant Garage Organization Ideas

24. Metal Planter Storage

Get creative with your storage containers! These metal planters are perfect for hanging and storing cleaning supplies. You could also use them on shelves as easy pull-outs. Things don’t always have to be used for their intended purpose! Label them with stencils or stickers to make finding things a little easier. I think it might be time for a trip to the dollar store.

28 Brilliant Garage Organization Ideas | Metal Planter Storage

25. Out-Of-The-Way Ladder Storage

Unless you use your ladder on a daily basis, you can build two identical ceiling brackets to rest your ladder on and keep it out of your way until needed. Check out the instructions for this project here.

28 Brilliant Garage Organization Ideas | Out-of-the-way ladder storage

Source & Instructions: Handyman

26. Repurposed Kitchen Jars

Just another example of a kitchen item that can also be utilized in the garage! I use these in the kitchen to store nuts and coffee, but they’re ideal for any small items that tend to get lost in the chaos of the garage.

Repurpose kitchen containers in the garage for screws, nails and bolts. -- Easy DIY garage organization ideas and storage tips! A ton of cheap inspiration to get you organized. Everything from shelves to tools! Men AND women will love these tips and tricks. Listotic.com

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