14+ Heavenly Holiday Treats

Every year families get together and have a baking extravaganza. And, I do mean an extravaganza! I look forward to this every year, spending either the day or week making these holiday staples. I typically end up with A LOT of leftovers allowing me to gift them to family members, friends, teachers, day care providers […]

Super Easy DIY Holiday Mint Plate

Amaze your craft group, kids and in-laws with this super easy and fun melted mint plate. This project is so easy, cheap and quick! Kids and adults of all ages love creating this magical holiday plate. I would do this DIY melted mint plate at the nursing home; from start to finish we would have […]

13 Creative Ideas for Wrapping Gifts

One thing is certain for all of us at Listotic, wrapping presents seems like a rushed experience with a lack of creativity. There is so much work that goes into finding the perfect gift for someone.  So, when it comes to wrapping, we just want to get it done! In true Christmas spirit, we spent […]

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6 Easy Steps for Mailing Holiday Greeting Cards

6 Easy Steps to ACTUALLY Mail Your Holiday Greeting Cards Before….. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Groundhogs Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, The Holidays! If there was a study of the top most stressful holiday tasks, you can bet your boots Mailing Holiday Greeting Cards would make the list! I’ve been sending Christmas cards ever […]

Christmas Pajamas for All Ages. Adorable and Warm!

  Katie’s Favorite Christmas Pajamas! I am a sucker for warm, cozy new pajamas when it comes to Christmas (or any occasion really)! Many times, I gift them to my two little boys in the days leading up to Christmas. It’s a tradition I have loved to carry on over the years. It’s not only […]

15+ Fun Christmas Breakfast Ideas For Kids

  One of the easiest ways to make Christmas morning special for kids is with a fun and creative breakfast. With a bit of imagination, you can turn pancakes, fruit, toast or even oatmeal into a fun Holiday character!  Most of these cute recipes are easy enough for the kids to create, too. So while […]

The Easiest Melted Snowman Cookies You Will Ever Make

The awesome thing about these darling snowman cookies is that you can make them as easy or as hard as you want. No baking even required! Yeah, it’s cheating, but I’m telling you, for whatever reason, kids are not prejudice against their sugar cookies. You can either make your own sugar cookies from scratch, buy the […]

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