Skin Care 101

Skin Care Steps for Beautiful Skin Let’s talk more than makeup! Let’s talk SKIN CARE 101! The key to smooth makeup application is having a smooth canvas. We all need to treat and take care of our skin. Your skin is your largest organ, yet so many women neglect it. Take care of it now, […]

Gut Healthy Chicken Soup

Amazing Gut Healthy Chicken Soup That is Gluten Free, Too! When fall arrives, soup is my go-to comfort food.  I always make a big pot for unexpected guests and convenient leftovers.  And, this immune boosting, gut healthy soup will leave you satisfied and toasty warm. This chicken soup recipe is easy to prep and fairly […]

10 Tasty Low Carb Drinks & Smoothies

If you’re trying to stick to a low carb diet, you know how hard it can be to give up sweets. Eventually the cravings fade, but so does your will power. For me, anyway! I personally feel so much better without all of that sugar and flour, but I find myself needing something sweet and […]

Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Drink

If you would like to help boost your metabolism and detoxify your digestive track (among many other benefits), I highly suggest that you give this revitalizing detox drink a try! Because the benefits of apple cider vinegar are becoming so well known, it has become a staple in many home pantries. I not only use […]

The Ultimate Fat Burning Detox Drink

Ok, we all know that in order to burn fat like crazy you have to eat a clean diet and be really active, but usually, in order to stick to a low-calorie, healthy diet (boring!), it takes some major motivation, and often times a few tricks to help you control your appetite– we are all […]

Avocado Beet Detox Salad

This recipe was devised out of pure lack of motivation to go to the grocery store and an empty refrigerator. And, guess what? It was an experiment that turned into my favorite new snack! Sometimes I even eat this as a light lunch. The combination of the sweet baby beets, melt-in-your-mouth avocado, tart balsamic dressing, and crunchy […]

Spaghetti Squash Tater Tots

These delicious tots are crispy on the outside and gooey in the middle. I have a new found appreciation for spaghetti squash. I really can’t believe I went most of my life not knowing how magical it is. If you’re not familiar, once it’s baked, it breaks apart into little strands that can be eaten as […]

2 Ingredient Healthy Pineapple “Soft Serve”

Even though it’s the middle of winter, I’ve been on a smoothie and ice cream kick lately. My husband and I have been drinking this coffee protein shake just about every morning, and for the last few weeks I’ve been experimenting with my new Vitamix blender. That thing was so darn expensive, I figured I […]

Iced Coffee Protein Shake Recipe

I’ve never been much of a smoothie drinker, mostly because I feel like I’m drinking a boat load of calories that do nothing to fill me up, but not so with this recipe! It’s super filling (holds me over until lunch), low in calories, high in protein, and the perfect morning pick-me-up! To be honest, it’s […]

9 Ridiculously Healthy Three Ingredient Treats

Why does everything that is bad for you taste SOOOO darn good?! Ok, maybe not everything. I do love my fruits and veggies, but I’d much rather eat 3 servings of Oreos or a huge bowl full of ice cream sometimes– hello, sugar! No matter how disciplined I am, I always seem to want something sweet, especially […]

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7 Fun & Creative Workout Ideas

If you’re anything like me, and get bored with your workout routine (the same thing day after day), but just don’t know what to do to make it more exciting, then you’ve landed in the right place! When you take physical activity and turn it into a game, it somehow becomes more exciting and fun than […]

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11 Sneaky Ways To Burn More Calories Every Day

It’s not just about burning calories, the real goal should be about getting more fit and healthy (but this usually means burning more calories), which also means losing weight– a struggle for most people! It is your lifestyle, after all, that has the biggest impact on your overall health, fitness and weight. Unfortunately, a lot of us […]

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22 Everyday Products You Can Easily Make From Home

Homemade products seem to be the biggest trend lately, everything from deodorant to cooking spray! I was a little hesitant at first to try any of them– I suppose I preferred to just take the lazy way out and buy all of my familiar products at the store. I mean, I just love the smell of Gain! I […]

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21 Weight Loss Tips You Have Probably Never Tried

We all know how to lose weight. Eat healthy, be active — basically burn more calories than we take in. Knowing how to lose weight is the easy part. It’s the motivation, self-control and daily habits that keep us from reaching our weight loss goals. We live in a world filled with temptation, and that […]

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10 Flat Belly Foods

That little bit of extra weight we carry in our mid-sections from water retention and gas is sometimes enough to keep us from wearing our favorite jeans. I don’t know about you, but sometimes my weight fluctuates as much as 5 pounds over night, and our diet is the biggest cause of these unwanted water […]

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