8 Easy Salad Dressing Recipes

I don’t know about you, but salad is usually my go-to meal. It’s just too easy to dump a bunch of fresh greens in a bowl, drizzle them with a tasty salad dressing, and enjoy without too much guilt. Although, I feel much better about what I’m eating when I know what’s actually in it! Unfortunately, most store-bought […]

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Iced Coffee Protein Shake Recipe

I’ve never been much of a smoothie drinker, mostly because I feel like I’m drinking a boat load of calories that do nothing to fill me up, but not so with this recipe! It’s super filling (holds me over until lunch), low in calories, high in protein, and the perfect morning pick-me-up! To be honest, it’s […]

Awesome 2-Ingredient DIY Glitter Slime

DIY goo, slime, silly putty– whatever you want to call it! Either way, it’s just plain awesome. My daughter is what I would call a “Goo Expert”, and she is the reason why I had to share this easy slime recipe (no borax!). She has experimented with many recipes, and this one seems to be […]

The Easiest Melted Snowman Cookies You Will Ever Make

The awesome thing about these darling snowman cookies is that you can make them as easy or as hard as you want. No baking even required! Yeah, it’s cheating, but I’m telling you, for whatever reason, kids are not prejudice against their sugar cookies. You can either make your own sugar cookies from scratch, buy the […]

Super Easy & Cute Reindeer Cupcakes

If you like to make adorable Christmas treats, but are super lazy like me, then you’re going to love these easy reindeer cupcakes! I’m a bit of a cheater when it comes to baking, so I buy chocolate cupcakes from the bakery and simply add all of the fun treats on top. You can, of course, bake […]

When To Plant Your Vegetable Garden

It’s seems like every year I just barely miss the optimal planting dates– Spring seems to just kind of spring up on me! The sooner you start, the sooner you will have a garden full of beautiful vegetables, so don’t be a procrastinator like me. Starting your plants indoors is a great reminder of the […]

Coffee Drink Breakdown (so you know how to order)

For most of us, our day hasn’t started until we’ve had our first cup of coffee, and it’s not just the caffeine that perks us up. There’s just something about having that warm cup in your hands and familiar taste in your mouth that makes the morning more enjoyable… or just plain bearable if you’re not […]

What do the lines on a Solo Cup Mean?

Although this famous cup company will deny the measurement marks on their SOLO Cup (afraid of encouraging binge drinking?), the lines on their cups are pretty darn accurate for these three common alcoholic drinks: beer, wine, and liquor. Technically, I think a serving of liquor is 1.5 ounces, but close enough! You can see where they […]

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